Tebogo ‘ Tete’ Phakela has a few things to say to men on mental issues that are still not easily spoken about in society today through his latest joint.

He speaks to the group of amagents chilling eKasi at the corner having Amagwinya to the breadwinner jamming in traffic home. Frostan  Listen Here.

‘Frostan’ which is an Afrikaans slang term which derives from the formal word ‘Understand’ usually used to confirm with a person whether they heard clearly what is was being explained to them. This is what this new single plan to do with the message it has and the conversation it plans to open the floor to. The track featuring Leko M is an offspring of ‘Bra God’ which is Tete’s album, he still gives the Ghetto (kasi) flair, gets the listener thinking and comforted but also leaves them with encouragement.

Crafting a song around issues of society that remain sensitive and crucial requires one to have strong inspiration and have a story to tell, that is what Tete has with ‘Frostan’ “Well, we’d just heard about Ricky’s passing and we were in studio…So just thinking about the way he died it was sad and an eye opener as depression is on the rife and with most men falling victim and yeah, that’s how the song came about… We paying homage and spreading the love.” – said Tete

Life has become faster than it was 5 years ago with everyone trying to do to fill up their daily schedules with something to do, but, this Hillbrow born star has taken it upon himself to use his platform and talent to contribute to the importance of highlighting psychological matters affecting communities particularly men whom are often pronounced highly challenged and less open about problems challenging them emotionally and later mentally which result to suicide.

Moreover, on average, almost 3 000 people commit suicide daily, for every person who completes a suicide, 20 or more may attempt to end their lives. About one million people commit suicide each year. Every 40 seconds, the loss of a person who killed themselves shatters the lives of family and friends. This indicates the crucial role such initiative by individuals such as Tete play in our surroundings, especially creatively.

Speaking about ‘Frostan’ in the ‘Bra God’ album creation I like referring to this project as “tales from jungle” simply because most of the stories derive from where i come from the “Notorious Hill brow”. So “Frostan” prepares you for topics/issues we go through daily such as mental illness but always finding more relatable way to narrate the stories to the common folk going through life in their environment which is almost always the “Ghetto”(Kasi).” said Tete

This song also incorporates a mix of sounds and genres from Soul to Kwaito, this is why Tete calls it Afro Funk “From the very beginning of the song it gives you nostalgia feeling. How we articulate ourselves, from the beat down to the vocals is vital. A feel of Kwaito on the lyrics, accompanied by soulful chords with a funky bassline and that catchy nostalgic hook. I call it Afro Funk, a fusion of Kwaito, Funk, and Jazz.” adds Tete

Therefore, this salad of a musical offering should be able to take you through the message and the tunes in it. It features Leko M who is a notable songwriter and vocalist with a well-established career in music with songs such as Hypesoul and All The Moves. This is not the first song these two artists come together to create, in the upcoming ‘Bra God’ Album, Leko M dominates the track list as the featuring artist, this indicates the trust, chemistry and connection the pair share in their music and creations.

‘Bra God’ which is also having its build up through the singles seem to have ‘Frostan’ be the apple that did not fall far from the tree, Tete explains why “The uniqueness in the sound prepares you nicely for a whole different experience.”

Frostan is available for download and streaming. Here.


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