3 Steps To Get Listed In The Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

3 Steps To Get Listed In The Search Engines

You have just completed the process of putting in a lot of work to have your website up and running on the internet.

You’re all set to start taking orders and closing deals. The one and only issue is that… no one can access your website! If you want people to visit your website, you need to ensure that it is visible in the results returned by the main search engines.

What options do you have?

If you follow these three procedures, the search engines will be aware of your website in practically no time at all.

1. Compose an article that is directly connected to the primary focus of your website.

You’re thinking of writing an article, but you’re not sure if you know enough about writing to do it. Don’t stress yourself out on being flawless. Write on topics that you are ok with. Maintain a word count that is between 300 and 600 in the article. When you are writing the article, you should include broad information that anybody would be happy to submit on their website since it is quality material. In this essay, you should not attempt to market your product or service in any way.

Keep in mind that the purpose of the article is not to generate revenue for your business but rather to secure a high-quality inbound link to your website. If you make an attempt to make a sale inside the post, the majority of webmasters will not want to publish your content on their website. When you write articles, your ultimate objective should be to get those pieces published on as many websites as possible, with each one including a link that leads back to your own website.

2. At the end of the post, include a resource box and make sure to include a link to your website in that box.

You are now ready to develop your resource box if you have written an informative essay on general information that is pertinent to the subject matter of your website. Remember that we need to get to the point in a hurry here. It is acceptable practice to market your company’s goods or services in this resource box; however, it is imperative that you do so in a succinct manner. Keep in mind that the primary goal of incorporating this resource box is to obtain a link leading back to your website as this is the intended destination of the connection. The readers of your post are the target audience for the resource box, and its secondary goal is to encourage them to click on to your website.

When you add a link to your resource box, check to see that at least one of the links contains the primary search terms that bring people to your homepage. The phrase or phrases that a visitor will put into a search engine in order to locate your website are referred to as keywords. Replace the area of the link that reads “web address” with the phrase so that it may be clicked on. Insert the following text including the keyword into the space between your html anchor links.

3. Send your essay to the major article directories so that they can publish it.

After you have finished writing your article, you should send it to the major article directories so that it may be posted on the maximum number of websites feasible. EzineArticles, ArticleCity, a href=”http://www.zapcontent.com”>ZapContent.com/a>, and Isnare are some of the more prominent article directories. There are also firms, like Isnare, that can spread your content on your behalf in exchange for a charge.

If you complete these three stages, search engines will locate your website, crawl it, and then include it in their lists. That is the simplest way to put it!


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