7 Years Each for Thieves of Vodafone Ghana Cable

Vodafone Ghana cable thieves Mathias Duayin and Albert Edor
Vodafone Ghana cable thieves Mathias Duayin and Albert Edor

Mathias Duayin and Albert Edor, two individuals arrested on charges of cable theft in Akosombo, have been found guilty and each sentenced to a prison term of seven years by the Odumase Krobo Circuit Court.

The theft involved cables with a combined length of 2,600 metres. The estimated damage caused by the theft is valued at a staggering GHs 798,000.00, affecting thousands of customers in the region.

Vodafone Ghana has been actively collaborating with law enforcement to resolve the case. Preba Greenstreet, Director of Legal and External Affairs at Vodafone Ghana, remarked, “The arrest and subsequent conviction of the suspects underscore our commitment to ensuring the security of our infrastructure.”

She expressed her gratitude for the swift resolution of the matter, stating, “We are grateful for the swift action of the Akosombo police and the Odumase Krobo Circuit Court. Cable theft is a pressing concern, and our collaboration with law enforcement agencies will continue to address and mitigate its repercussions.”

The theft of such cables disrupts telecommunication services, posing challenges for businesses and residents reliant on consistent connectivity. As Vodafone Ghana continues to expand its operations, with the recent introduction of 4G+, safeguarding assets remains a top priority.

Vodafone Ghana cable thief
Vodafone Ghana cable thief

4G+ is a major upgrade to Vodafone Ghana’s existing 4G technology that will enable customers to experience an enhanced network speed and facilitate improved services.

Proving its commitment to ensuring that as many Ghanaians as possible can tap into this enhanced speed, Vodafone is also rolling out a device financing scheme, where customers can purchase 4G+ capable phones from Vodafone’s retail outlets, paying for them in manageable instalments. These phones come bundled with 2.5GB of free data every month for 12 months.

The swift sentencing of the cable thieves not only underscores the importance of safeguarding critical infrastructure but also highlights the commitment of both law enforcement and corporate entities like Vodafone Ghana in ensuring a secure and progressive digital future for all Ghanaians.


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