Achille Mbembe ‘s take on the bourgeoisie structure of African governments

Cameroonian philosopher Achille Mbembe
Cameroonian philosopher, Achille Mbembe via

One African author who has written about the bourgeoisie and its role in African governments is Achille Mbembe, a Cameroonian philosopher and political theorist. In his book “On the Postcolony”, Mbembe discusses the role of the bourgeoisie in African countries and how it has shaped the political and economic systems on the continent.

Mbembe argues that the bourgeoisie in Africa has historically been closely connected to colonial powers and has often collaborated with them in order to maintain its own economic and political interests. He also discusses how the bourgeoisie has used its wealth and influence to shape government policies and decisions in ways that benefit its own interests, often at the expense of the broader population.

Mbembe’s work offers a critical perspective on the role of the bourgeoisie in African politics and its impact on the lives of ordinary citizens. It is a useful resource for understanding the complex dynamics of power and wealth in African societies.


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