Afia Schwarzenegger posts details of her investigations on Abigail Williams & Co law firm


Afia Schwarzenegger has taken this issue of Abigail Williams and Co so personal that she has gone to do investigations on the law firm where Mona Gucci claims she did her internship.

Mona Gucci on UTV revealed that she did her internship at the Abigail Williams and Co law firm after studying ‘Immigration law’ at the Massachusetts University of Law

A lot of people didn’t believe her and the question many asked was how can she leave a well paying job as a lawyer in America just to come down to Ghana to work at a TV station where she’s paid peanuts?

Afia Schwarzenegger has gone to carry out her investigations on Gucci Mona’s claims.

Below is what she found from her investigations:

1. Abigail Williams n co is a firm currently undergoing fraud investigation. blue gate was involved in an accident with her son and becos the other car was a FEDEX car ..Lawyer blue gate used the firm Abigail Williams n co to claim insurance for her son.(becos the son is underage I will hide his identity.. if you have connection in Worcester ask of Abigail Semaha)

3. Her son was born in America but lawyer blue gate doesn’t hold an American citizenship neither does she have any permit to study in America.

4. The man that gave her accommodation in Worcester is the same person she n her boyfriend defrauded of $88,000 .. the case is still in circuit court 1. To be continued with a video …



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