Are Zach and Kaity still together?


In the finale of The Bachelor season 27, set in Krabi, Thailand, Zach chose Kaity as his winner, presenting her with the final rose and proposing to her.

During the “After the Final Rose” special, both Zach and Kaity confirmed their ongoing relationship, revealing the depth of their emotions.

Zach expressed that upon seeing Kaity, he realized she was the one he wanted to spend his life with. Their engagement was followed by plans for a wedding in 2025, allowing them time to savor the nuances of their connection.

Are Zach and Kaity still together?

In an interview with People after the season finale, the couple disclosed their intention to take things slow and not rush into marriage. Zach shared his eagerness to return to Austin, Texas, where they both planned to live, emphasizing his desire for a normal life.

The couple acknowledged the occasional challenges of living together, particularly when it came to setting the right temperature in their apartment, revealing their collaborative approach to solving such issues.

Their future aspirations include seeing themselves married with potentially one or two children in five years. They envision starting in Austin but later exploring the world and experiencing different places.

Kaity also mentioned her intention to invite some of Zach’s fellow Bachelor contestants to their wedding, particularly mentioning close friendships with Ariel, Gabi, Jess, and Mercedes.


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