Do I need to repack anything?


About to travel, do you need to repack anything? In the old movies, there was often a line that went something like, “Did you remember to turn off the stove?” This dates way back to stoves that were powered by gas and really doesn’t apply anymore.

But there are several electrical items you should switch off before you depart. I always switch off my power strip that powers my computer, as it will be with me.

I turned off the microwave and any other electrical equipment that won’t be needed for three weeks. The television, the refrigerator, and the stove are the only other appliances in the house that are always plugged in. Of course, all the lights have electricity and are on a timer to make it look like I am at home.

With several checklists, it is difficult for me to forget anything. Since I am a regular traveler, I rely on lists to guarantee that I don’t leave anything vital behind when I go out of town.

Technically, I could get by in Thailand with just my passport, airline tickets and an ATM card. When I travel, though, I do bring the majority of my personal items, including the majority of my clothing, presents, and toiletries.

In addition, because I have such a wide variety of electronic devices, I require a wide variety of chargers, power cables, and batteries in order to be able to work. The computer, camera, DVD player, noise reduction headphones, and mobile phone all require care.

Having a precise checklist makes it so much simpler to travel and not forget anything. It may be a bit anal, but it works for me. It includes a list of everything that I need to carry with me for the next three weeks, as well as a list of presents for my friends, and it also includes a list of tasks that I need to accomplish before I go.

This vacation will be a little bit different for me than others. In most cases, my son is the one who drives me to the airport and brings in my mail. However, he has relocated to a location close to Las Vegas, so I am now on my own for the time being.

I needed to make arrangements for a shuttle to take me to the airport, and I also needed to fill out a card requesting that the post office hold my mail.

In addition to that, I have a shopping list prepared for as soon as I get to Thailand. Because of this, I don’t need to bring as much stuff with me because the things I desire, mostly toiletries, are quite inexpensive in Thailand.

Because I anticipate doing some shopping once I get there, I don’t carry nearly as many clothes with me as I normally would. It’s just something that can’t be helped. Because the costs are so low, you should definitely pick up some tasty treats for not only yourself but for your loved ones and close friends. I despise shopping with a fiery passion, but I relish the opportunity to strike a deal in the Land of Smiles.

When you have everything written down, it makes everything a lot simpler. As I become older, I find that I frequently forget even the most basic of information. Therefore, a trip checklist is beneficial for me. If I were to rely just on my memory, I am certain that I would fail to remember something important.


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