Fast Rising Star Saico Set To Drop “Your Matter” On The 19th


Your matter” is a neatly constructed song that tells the story of a couple deeply in love who used to do everything together. However, the girl’s desire for a luxurious lifestyle and money leads her to start cheating on her partner, forgetting their humble beginnings. The guy can sense her lies just by looking into her eyes, and he’s hurt by her constant dishonesty.

In the pre-chorus, he expresses his pain, singing about how she lies when caught cheating and can’t seem to tell the truth. As the song progresses, we hear his perspective, and he reaches a point where he’s no longer affected by anything related to her. The lyrics capture the journey of their love crumbling due to betrayal, and how he’s slowly finding his strength again. The song’s emotional chorus emphasizes the hurt caused by her lies.

Overall, “Your matter” delves into the complexities of trust, love, and healing after being let down by someone close. The melody and lyrics work together to convey the raw emotions of the situation, making it a powerful and relatable song.


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