Key historical points spanning 100AD-1500 year period in Africa

African map
African map

This is just a brief overview of some of the key events in Africa’s history during this time period. There were many other important developments and events that shaped the continent’s history during this time, and it is a complex and fascinating period of African history that continues to be studied and explored by scholars today.

100 AD: The Kingdom of Axum, a major power in the Horn of Africa, is established.

300 AD: Christianity is introduced to Ethiopia, one of the oldest Christian nations in the world.

7th century: The Arab conquest of North Africa brings Islam to the region.

8th century: The Kingdom of Ghana, a major trade and military power in West Africa, is founded.

African map
African map

9th century: The Kingdom of Mali, a major power in West Africa, is founded by the Malinké people.

10th century: The Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe, a major trading and cultural center in southern Africa, is established.

13th century: The Kingdom of Mali reaches its peak under the rule of the famous king Mansa Musa.

14th century: The Kingdom of Kongo is founded in present-day Angola and Congo.

15th century: The Portuguese begin their colonization of Africa, establishing trading posts and fortifications along the coast.


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