Some chiefs took bribes to drop Agyinasare case -Nogokpo spokesperson reveals


Nufialagah Mawufemor Kobla Nornyigbey, the man who served as spokesperson for the Nogokpo Traditional leaders during the controversial clash between them and Archbishop Agyinasare has claimed that the chiefs received bribes from the National Peace Council to let the matter die, adding he was offered $100,000 but he rejected it.

He said this among other grave allegations during an interview on Mama Grace show on Gerom TV.

“It got to a point with what I saw happening; I had to go live on Facebook to disassociate myself from the issue because people are looking up to me, and I don’t want anybody to tag me as going to take a bribe.

“I was already accused of taking bribe and yes people called me to make offers during the issue. I was promised 100,000 dollars to drop the issue but for the love of the people I declined. People have taken it and I Ieave them to their conscience,” Nornyigbey alleged without mincing words.

A portion of the interview which was uploaded to YouTube shows him expressing his disappointment in the traditional leaders of Nogokpo for selling their conscience after seeing money.

“The way we wanted to handle this Agyinasare-Nokogpo issue, trust me, Nogokpo would have been a heaven where investors and a lot of people would have flocked with various opportunities,” he revealed.

According to him, when the controversy was at its peak, pastors, political leaders, and traditional leaders attempted to intervene but the people of Nogokpo stood their ground. However, their traditional leaders passed behind them to receive “envelopes” that got them compromised.

He recounted how the chief of Nogokpo who led the traditional leaders to address a press conference and give Agyinasare a two-week ultimatum to appear before them, was later summoned and slapped with a fine by the paramount chief of the area.

Nornyigbey further claimed that Togbui Adamah III, paramount chief and President of the Some Traditional Council, was initially part of the plan, but turned around later to distance himself from the press conference they held after being compromised.

He accused the National Peace Council of paying bribes to the traditional leaders of Nogokpo on behalf of Agyinasare when they visited the area.

It would be recalled that the leader of Perez Chapel International, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare got into trouble with the Chiefs of Nogokpo in June 2023 when during a sermon, he described the area as the “demonic headquarters of the Volta Region”.

His comments aroused the displeasure of the chiefs and people of the area and the traditional leaders gave the man of God a 14-day ultimatum to appear before them.

Although Archbishop Agyinasare subsequently clarified his comments, saying he was taken out of context, the traditional leaders remained adamant.

The National Peace Council was compelled to send a delegation to Nogokpo to address the matter although Agyinasare failed to honour the first invitation and a second one by the chiefs.


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