South African rapper AKA shot dead

South African rapper AKA
South African rapper AKA

Multiple social media accounts are reporting that South African rapper AKA is dead.

AKA born Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, reportedly got shot in the head by an unknown assailant at the ‘Wish On Florida’ local restaurant in Durban today.

AKA’s Instagram story, seems to suggest (Feb 10) was set to be a birthday celebration for him although he was born on Jan. 28. A video showed him in the company of about five persons taking shots and having a swell time before his demise.

Two unknown cars reportedly pulled up and opened fire just before 10pm.

AKA's daughter Kairo
AKA’s daughter Kairo

Crime scene experts have mapped out at least five spots, marking bullet casings.

The rapper’s bodyguard despite being given life support intervention also reportedly died due to his grave injuries.

Meanwhile medics at the scene have confirmed the death of two people after the shooting incident. The road has since been cordoned off.

AKA, 35 leaves behind his daughter Kairo Owethu Forbes whom he birthed with DJ Zinhle as well his mum and girlfriend.

Born and raised in Cape Town, AKA gained significance after releasing his single “Victory Lap” which was released from his debut studio album, Altar Ego.

DJ Zinhle, Kairo's mama
DJ Zinhle, Kairo’s mama

A regretful manager, Thato T Effect, wrote they shouldn’t have done the show via WhatsApp status.

With the South African music industry losing a great rap icon again, many have expressed the anguish they faced when reggae man Lucky Dube was also gunned down.

Although AKA lost his ex-fiancé to suicide not too long ago, he braved the odds and was wrapping up an album release when he met this cruel fate.

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