The Aboboshi Gang behind ‘Sompanim’ viral record

Aboboshi Gang behind the ‘Sompanim’ viral hit
Aboboshi Gang behind the ‘Sompanim’ viral hit

Aboboshi ’s viral song ‘Sompanim’ has been a pleasant surprise for the rising music star. The song features Sean Carter and Rany Dopesongs and Percentage.

On Sompanim’s catchy hook, a damsel is urged to hold on to the bed pillar firmly even as she’s being pounded with the doggy style by her lover with the caution were she to leave the pillar and disrupt the flow of the thrust, the pounding has to start all over.

“The inspiration for Sompanim came from the street with my crew,” Aboboshi informed Blakkpepper.

He noted the Aboboshi Gang rebranded from the Sunshine Gang and now has its eyes set on national and global attention.

Sompanim sends the listener to Ghana’s golden hiplife era where rap was the mainstay of music consumers.  

Produced by Diaz Qlasik and released on May 1, 2023, the Aboboshi Gang have scored a big tune on whose back they are sure to land gigs and make some good money.

Ghanaian rapper Emmanuel Darko Boateng alias Aboboshi
Ghanaian rapper Emmanuel Darko Boateng alias Aboboshi

Profile of Aboboshi alias Emmanuel Darko Boateng

Music started for him in 2010 at KAAF University College. However, it was in in 2018 he birthed the Sunshine Gang and recruited Mono and King Many. Regrettably Mono who had made plans to be a navy recruit passed in 2022. The Sunshine Gang has under its belt two music awards, the Eastern Region Music Awards’ Best Group for ‘Aben’ and ‘Chairman’.

With a chorister mum in the SDA church and dad who consumed a lot of highlife and borga highlife music, Aboboshi picked the early strings of music at home.

Aboboshi Gang logo
Aboboshi Gang logo

Although yet to release an album, he has a singles including Benzo, Chairman, Enfa, Aben etc.

Yet to be signed to a management label, the determined lad is working with his brother to realize the dream and is open to have an Executive Producer or investor.

Aboboshi on the GH Reggae Festival flyer
Aboboshi on the GH Reggae Festival flyer

Aboboshi points to Isaac Sackey alias MC Sean Carter as his manager. The Koforidua native has mounted a few stages including the GH Reggae Festival platform in 2019 with Ponobiom.

He is not keen to be confined to a genre, adding “I move with the flow that come to me to do music.”

#SO-MPA-NIM can be found on digital platforms.

As gratitude is a must, Aboboshi expressed thanks to the Aboboshi Gang, all supporters of the movement, Blakkpepper and fans urging them to keeping supporting him even as he strives to attain the goals.

Aboboshi with King Manny on the left (deceased) and Mono
Aboboshi with King Manny on the left (deceased) and Mono

Enjoy Sompanim from Aboboshi:

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