The Creative Arts Industry Must Embrace Spoken Word and Poetry Acts,” De Parrot Speaks Urges

De Parrot

The Creative Arts Industry Must Embrace Spoken Word and Poetry Acts,” – De Parrot Speaks

De Parrot Speaks is on a mission to champion the reputation and significance of spoken word and poetry within the creative arts sector and the nation as a whole. The multiple award-winning Ghanaian Poet is advocating for increased attention and recognition for poets, writers, and authors, firmly believing that these creative sectors have the potential to bring honor, rather than shame, to the industry.

De Parrot Speaks draws inspiration from legendary figures such as Kofi Anyidoho, Kobena Eyi Acquah, Kofi Awoonor, P. A. K. Aboagye, Prof. Ama Ata Aidoo, and others who have passionately defended the art of spoken word and poetry. Despite their dedication, they struggled to receive the attention and opportunities they deserved. De Parrot Speaks now calls upon the industry and the nation to lend a more attentive ear to the emerging generation of spoken word and poetry acts, writers, and authors, who are brimming with talent, profound knowledge, and wisdom to share through their gifts.

According to De Parrot Speaks, the future of spoken word and poetry is promising, and with greater recognition and support, it has the potential to make the nation, Africa, and the world proud. Her dedication to promoting this art form is evident in her portfolio, which includes notable works such as “Somewhere In West Africa,” “Gifted,” “Faith,” “Trigonometry,” “The Cerebrum Vol.1&2,” “Humanity,” and her current focus on the second EP, “S.C.R.O.L.L” (An Ancient Divine Message), which seeks to bridge the past, present, and the yet-to-unfold future. De Parrot Speaks is committed to elevating spoken word and poetry to new heights and showcasing its cultural and artistic value.


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