The surprising things to find at J’s Coffee, Café Accra and Zaytoun Artisan Café

J's Coffee, Café Accra and Zaytoun Artisan Café
J's Coffee, Café Accra and Zaytoun Artisan Café

Do you have a sweet tooth or are you one who relishes the taste of creamy goodness? If you so happen to be in Ghana’s port city of Tema then you are in luck with J’s Coffee and Creamery.

J’s Coffee and Creamery

Nestled on MX4M+C79, Opp. ECG School, SOS, Hermann Gmeiner Rd, Tema, J’s Coffee menu include Coffee, Ice Cream, Salads, Pastries, Burgers, Full English Breakfast, Sandwiches, Baguettes, Cold drinks and Milkshakes.

Also available are samosa, springrolls burger, cold coffee muffin to soften croissant ice cream savouries.

J's Coffee and Creamery
J’s Coffee and Creamery

While the edibles are superb, management of J’s Coffee and Creamery scored another hit with its Highlife & BBQ Night for Family and Friends to relax with and listen to good Afro-Highlife. Jazz lovers would find their needs are well catered for as well.

So why don’t you start your day right by visiting J’s Coffee and Creamery in the mornings and enjoy the best coffee in Tema paired gingerly with the best tarts and doughnuts.

There’s Dine-in and Takeaway. Reach J’s Coffee and Creamery via 020 444 3140.

Café Accra

For Accra dwellers, East Legon’s Café Accra near the American House touts itself as Accra’s premium Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch Café.

From its sublime cocktails and mocktails, pancakes with fruits, fried rice with grilled chicken and coleslaw; fries with sausage, scrambled eggs and toast to wraps, Café Accra on 49 Boundary Rd, Accra proves it’s in the game to stay.

Café Accra meal
Café Accra meal

In session from Monday-Saturday 8:30am 7pm and Sunday 12pm-6pm, you would be smart to call 0558039344 or 0242684892 to RSVP or to make your orders.

Zaytoun Artisan Café

Zaytoun Artisan Café located at Urbano Hotel in Osu opposite the Total Service Station boasts of nice food, good atmosphere, good variety of Lebanese food and moderate prices.

It is a particular hit with lovers of Arabian or Italian coffee and outdoor setting people. The waiters have come up for praise for being friendly and knowledgeable about the dishes.

Zaytoun Artisan Café's 'Alasa' cocktail
Zaytoun Artisan Café’s ‘Alasa’ cocktail

Zaytoun Café also comes up for praise for freshly preparing its meals as well as its fresh smoothies not least its ‘Alasa’ (African Star Apple) cocktail.

There’s private catering that caters to the event needs of clients with live shawarma and grill stations in session.

For a more subdued affair, you can use Zaytoun Café as a little hangout spot for work sampling their Mediterranean menu on the Oxford Street.

 Zaytoun Artisan Café's wraps with fries
Zaytoun Artisan Café’s wraps with fries

With its famed Brisket Burgers and Fries, its little wonder Zaytoun is branded “the favourite Lebanese restaurant in Ghana.”  There’s Dine-in, Outdoor seating and Curbside pickup.

Reach Zaytoun Artisan Café via 055 676 1904 and H/N F814/2 Oxford Street.


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