Vodafone Director Advocates for Women’s Economic Empowerment at 2023 Inspire Me Conference

2023 Inspire Me Conference
2023 Inspire Me Conference

Preba Greenstreet, the Legal and External Affairs Director at Vodafone Ghana, has advocated for the economic empowerment of women and highlighted the significant role women play in driving economic growth in Ghana and across Africa, in a plenary speech she delivered at the 2023 Inspire Me Conference.

The Inspire Me Conference is an annual event organised by Absa Bank to empower female business owners to become better leaders and develop successful, sustainable businesses for the future.

Speaking at the event, Preba said “Women in Ghana and across Africa are not just participating in business; they are leading, innovating, and driving economic growth,” She further emphasised Vodafone Ghana’s commitment to gender equity in the workplace and its active role in promoting education and financial inclusion for women. She also highlighted the company’s efforts to prioritise candidates’ skills and capabilities over gender to ensure equal pay and job opportunities.

As a partner for the conference, Vodafone Ghana in addition to financial and digital support provided to the organisers, offered ten (10) free websites to be developed for participants to enable them improve the digital visibility and promote business growth.

Over the years, Vodafone Ghana has demonstrated its commitment to women empowerment. In 2019, the company partnered with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to train female farmers to save, transact, and access banking services via mobile phones applications like Vodafone Cash which is connecting millions of women to essential financial services.

In conclusion, Preba emphasized the importance of equity and the full involvement of all Ghanaians in the development of the nation. “Women have just as much a right to success as men. This is ‘EQUITY.’ A position that advocates for the full involvement of all Ghanaians in the development of our nation should not be controversial or undermined,” she said.


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