Vodafone Ghana Foundation’s Healthfest Spotlights Cervical Cancer Awareness in Ekyi Amanfrom

Cervical Cancer Awareness in Ekyi Amanfrom by Vodafone Ghana Foundation
Cervical Cancer Awareness in Ekyi Amanfrom by Vodafone Ghana Foundation

On Friday, January 26, the Vodafone Ghana Foundation launched its Healthfest programme in Ekyi Amanfrom, marking the beginning of a year-long commitment to community health during cervical cancer awareness month.

The bi-monthly Healthfest, held in the Afram Plains district, offered a transformative experience for over 442 residents. The event provided free health screenings and invaluable education on cervical cancer.

Volunteers and healthcare professionals collaborated to conduct thorough health check-ups, including monitoring blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

This month’s Healthfest focused on cervical cancer education. Recognising the importance of awareness in combating this often-neglected health issue, the Foundation made significant efforts to educate the community. Interactive sessions, educational materials, and personal discussions provided essential information for early detection and prevention.

For the 442 residents of Ekyi Amanfrom, Healthfest was more than a health check-up; it was a step towards a healthier future. The Foundation also registered over 259 individuals on the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) for ongoing healthcare support.

The community expressed deep gratitude for the access to these crucial health services. “I never understood the importance of regular health check-ups until today. The Vodafone Ghana Foundation has not only given us free screenings but also vital knowledge about cervical cancer. It’s truly a gift for our community,” said a local beneficiary.

The success of Healthfest in Ekyi Amanfrom highlights the significant impact of collaborative efforts between organisations and communities, setting a praiseworthy standard for future health initiatives.

Rita Agyeiwaa Rockson, Manager for Vodafone Ghana Foundation, Sustainability and External Communications, emphasised the role of health education in such screenings. “Healthfest is not a one-time health camp; it creates a foundation for ongoing community health. We prioritise education alongside screenings, so that we can help communities become more health-conscious,” she noted.

The Vodafone Ghana Foundation’s Healthfest programme shows how collaborative efforts can enhance community health.


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