Why the Rick Ross car show was held despite protest

Rick Ross car show in Atlanta
Rick Ross car show in Atlanta

Despite his feud with DJ Envy and a rumored denial of permission by the police for the Rick Ross car show, the Boss held his second annual car and bike show on Saturday, June 3 without major incident.

Residents in the South Fulton County neighborhood had claimed the debut show of the car and bikes brought so much traffic to the neighborhood disrupting activities reason for which they objected to the car show.

The Rick Ross team however begged to differ pointing to a host of gains for the community including introducing a financial literacy programme to Fayette and Fulton.

Ahead of the show, Ross also called Rozay took to Instagram: “These Airbnbs going through the roof. It’s gon’ be more gas sold on June 3 than y’all sold in six months. Y’all gotta think of the financial literacy that Rozay bringing to the table.

“It ain’t too late to print your signs. The closer you are to the Promise Land, charge ’em $100 a parking spot. The further you are, charge ’em $50. Come on y’all. Y’all wanna make some money or not? We got car washes coming out here, we feeding a lot of people.”

Initially denied a permit by Fayette County before being approved in the final hour, local police have since thanked Ross for cooperating with them in making the show a success.

But the parking concerns of residents of South Fulton lingered as a plaza in the area got trashed. they believe fans who couldn’t get into Ross’ show came to the plaza parking lot miles away to party leaving behind plastic cups, liquor bottles, food packs as well clogging toilets needing plumbing work.

The rapper’s attorney reckons it’s a stretch linking the MMG rapper’s car show to damages miles past Georgia town.

The Rick Ross car show on Saturday itself went on without a hitch with Gucci Mane and Meek Mill mounting the stage with Ross as well as Tyler, the Creator. 2 Chainz also rode through with his cars to the Rick Ross Car Show in Atlanta.

Ross reportedly charged $300 per person for entry to the car show with estimates of about 30,000 people in session. He also took $3000 for a VIP pass.

The 2nd Annual #RickRossCarshow was held at Rozay’s Promise Land Mansion with lots of acres to spare at the place Evander Holyfield once called home reportedly purchased for $6 million. Ross made millions from music but also as franchise owner of eatery Wingstop.

It’s come to light he also rents out the property to movie studios for $1 million a day.

Hearse was also on display at the Rick Ross car show
Hearse was also on display at the Rick Ross car show

Aside putting on show his personal vehicles, a concert, beautiful rides and babes, Rick Ross also had a rodeo show at his car show. He handed out diamond chains and other luxurious prizes to winners.

Ross gave shout-outs to Nigerian singer Ayra Starr and promised to link up with her when next he visits Nigeria. He also big up South African music notables Kabza De Small and Cassper Nyovest.

by michael eli dokosi/www.blakkpepper.net


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