Young, Famous And African Creator, Peace Hyde Speaks At The Oxford Women In Business Summit At Oxford University


The Oxford Women in Business was founded in 2008 at the prestigious University of Oxford to create events focused on cultivating strong women leaders by serving as a platform for enterprising young women.

The women in media event which had speakers leading in their respective careers Netflix Executive Producer and Creator for hit tv series Young, Famous and African, Peace Hyde, alongside influential media executives from Vogue Business, Essence and Chatham House shared their experience starting out in the media business and making it to the top of their respective global media brands. Sharing on her remarkable trailblazing Journey, Hyde, advocated for the eager young journalists to stay true and authentic to themselves.

“My advice to anyone looking to also embark on their own individual journey in whatever field you may be interested in is to be authentic. Social media is full of so many trends and fads and sometimes it can get really noisy and you lose yourself trying to follow algorithms or trying to be popular.

You can only stand out and excel by staying true to Who You are and by understanding that your uniqueness is what will make a way for your talent to shine through,” said Peace Hyde.

Her powerful speech at the event also highlighted her remarkable journey which involved transitioning from a science teacher to one of the most successful media moguls in Africa.

Currently trending worldwide is the second season of Netflix’s first unscripted original Young, Famous and African co-created and executive produced by Peace Hyde.


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