All to know about Jericho singer Iniko ‘s church past

Celestial singer Iniko
Celestial singer Iniko. Photo credit: YouTube

On the back of the Iniko ’s Jericho viral record which has generated buzz, there’s been intense interest in the singer and her music repertoire.

It’s emerged Iniko born a woman, transitioned into a nonbinary person who uses the pronouns they/them instead of she.

The artist of Afro-Jamaican descent hails from New York. They is a versatile music artist and songwriter who started playing the piano and guitar early on.

They revealed their father’s rather unexpected response after the disclosure of being “genderless” earlier this year.

Iniko's dad response when they informed him of being genderless
Iniko’s dad response when they informed him of being genderless

“I called my dad to tell him about being genderless and how I came to this conclusion about myself and he said “I am blessed to have children who’s existence stretches beyond this realm” and I just want to say that if a 60 year old Jamaican Rastafarian can get it, so can you.”

Their talked about their musical influences, how their experiences growing up shaped their identity in an interview.

Kissing a Girl

The session touched on a witch-hunt at school when their kissed a girl at home and the Independent Fundamental school authorities demanded a confession for two weeks amid threats of burning in hell.

Sociology course showed gender was created by Western people prior to colonialism of African and indigenous people their said adding God is expansive and needs not be put in a box.

Iniko leaving the church

Although grew in church and was an avid church goer where their poured self musically, their left the church noting it was God’s plan to separate and discover self and be what their identifies as now.

The transgender birthed on Oct 26, 1996 is leading an alternative soul revolution. Drawing inspiration from trap music, rock, movie scores, dancehall and soul.

Songs in their repertoire include “Jericho”,Caught a body”, “Pinocchio”, “Motion” and “The King’s Affirmation.”

They experimented with released songs of other artistes and reworked them adding they vocals and remixing the sound. They released their debut single “Kingdom” in 2018. They are signed to Columbia Records.

The songwriter reworked and reimagined “We Go Up” from rapper Nicki Minaj, featuring Fivio Foreign.

The Brooklyn-born native is one of the most celestial new voices on the soul scene. Their ethereal vocal lullabies has been taken to by global fans on social media.

Iniko’s 2.9 million TikTok followers and over a quarter of a million on Instagram show the singer’s sound has fallen on fertile minds and hearts.


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