4 dogs that got angry with their owners over love and food

Dogs in embrace
Dogs in embrace

Teenagers are a handful, and fur babies are no better. Dog owners have seen the different personalities of their dogs even if they arrived the same time to the household.

While some are bubbly, other dogs prefer to be self-absorbed or shall we say love to be in their corner.

A thread appeared on social media portal Twitter where dog owners filmed the antics of their dogs who were either sore over a reproach, recalcitrant or simply indignant.

A dog named Abena's funeral poster
A dog named Abena’s funeral poster


Bridget’s owner took issue with the male dog she was hobnobbing with. Its caretaker says Bridget has since opted to stay out of the walled house her owner lives in.

Bad Beech:

Was also reprimanded for getting pregnant at an early age birthing fur babies. The fur babies ultimately died according to the owner because of the teenage pregnancy. The owner reprimanded Bad Beech over starting an affair with a new male.

Cripple Lover:

This white and orange dog got in trouble over having a bias for a crippled dog. According to the owner, other plump dogs abound but this lady dog rejects their advances and ensures she not mounted. She’s been warned to part ways with the crippled dog.

Nyame Asem:

When the family pounded cassava named fufu paired with soup, the family dog could not get a share because as the speaker notes some went bad so the fufu was shared among the humans. Although the dog named Nyame Asem was given soup with meat and other protein, that she couldn’t get her fufu portion angered her leading to a rejection of the meal. Not even the cajoling by her owner could make her change her mind.

Clearly these four dogs have curious personalities yet their respective owners do love them even pampering them. This sheds light on the love/care dynamic African dog owners have with their fur babies, a practice hitherto associated with western society.

by michael eli dokosi/www.blakkpepper.net

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