The surprising thing about Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler with a pet dog
Adolf Hitler with a pet dog via Quora

You may know that Adolf Hitler believed in the genetic superiority of certain races and eugenics i.e.  Aryans were superior to other groups.

Blond-haired, blue-eyed, strong, tall, and beautiful people, he believed was the Aryan archetype. You may know also that he held that Jews only worshiped money, never assimilated into the cultures of other nations, and remained a tribe unto themselves, with no loyalty to anyone but themselves.

You may know he believed in the value of traditional German culture and held that Marxists promoted race mixing, which would lead to genetic degradation of the species.

As it turned out the threats he perceived and things he did to neutralize them led to horrific acts and murder of millions of people.

Background of Hitler’s animosity

Dedicated and brave during World War I (WWI), Adolf Hitler was involved in fighting in trench warfare although he was nearly killed, but survived. He volunteered for dangerous task others shunned but was ultimately horrified by the German defeat.

As with defeats, a people had to be blamed and for Adolf Hitler, the Jewish bankers and elites were responsible for getting Germany into WWI in the first place. He hated the Jews because many of them were communists whom he called “Judeo-Bolsheviks.”

Honest about his intentions, Hitler then promised to get rid of the communists if he were to gain power which the German Middle Class endorsed with widespread support.

The curious thing about Adolf Hitler nonetheless was that he was not some lunatic acting on his own. He didn’t trick the Germans to seize power to begin the Holocaust, leave Germany in ruins plus millions of deaths. He told the German people what they wanted to hear, and at some level they agreed with him.

As Alexander Finnegan, a Marxist-Leninist puts it “If Hitler were a psychopath it would have made things so much easier. Psychopaths have no empathy, are unrepentant for their crimes, and act out of sheer self-interest, everyone else be damned. But Hitler wasn’t a psychopath. And that is what should send chills down the spine of those who wish to prevent another Adolf Hitler.”

He continues: “Hitler had compassion for animals. He was a vegetarian because of it. He eliminated the practice of human zoos, which were horrifically permitted at that time. Psychopaths are motivated by power and wealth. Hitler wanted power, but not for itself. He wanted power to implement his vision of a “better” world. Horrifically, he was motivated by higher aspirations. The problem was that his aspirations were monstrous.”


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