“Modern- Day Feminists Are Broken Women That Needs Therapy” – Solomon Buchi


Solomon Buchi, a well-known online relationship counselor, shares his thoughts on current feminists, the feminism movement, how it affects relationships today, and how it contradicts Christianity.

In a recent interview, the life coach discussed his background as a feminist and how he quit the cause when he realized its ideals were incorrect.

In this interview, Solomon Buchi revealed—with his wife at his side—that modern feminism is nothing more than a systematic attack on men.

He went on to declare that the Lord had instructed him to give up on feminism when he realized that the ideals of feminists conflicted with what Christianity holds to be true in marriage.

“I used to be a feminist. I was clueless then. Modern-day feminism is absolutely insane. In my background, there was a lot of women marginalisation and oppression and I believe in gender equality but after some time, I noticed the whole movement was running mad. It was no longer about women, it became the demonization of men and the destruction of family values,” he stated.

lieve in submission to a man and that brings chaos in a family.

“I’m saying, marry a woman who has family values, homely and is submissive. As Christians, we are all equal even in marriage but the man is the head,” Solomon Buchi concluded.

Agreeing with his point, his wife, added, “As Christians, we take the bible as the final authority over all other subject matter and as he said, the man is the head.”


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