Profile of Jamaican music man Commando Joe

Jamaican music man Commando Joe
Jamaican music man Commando Joe

Commando Joe, born Joseph A. Jackson describes his style of music as generally catering to the partying and club activities of listeners. Nonetheless his dancehall also carries a holistic, conscious message for the youth.

Hailing from West Jamaica, Commando Joe’s rhythm has garnered appeal internationally from Jamaica, Ghana, Amsterdam, Canada to the USA.

His ‘No to Pedophile’ is a rallying cry for adults desiring young girls to desist and for the law to deal with such erring adults.

On ‘Life Goes On’ featuring Ayylo and Rillz, Commando Joe urges folks to never give up despite severe challenges drumming home the message that ‘Life Indeed Goes On.’ In despondency and even loss of loved ones Ayylo and Rillz warn against taking one’s life.

When the Commando is feeling frisky, it’s party time and the ‘Bad Gyal’ single was just the tune for that.

Jamaican music man Commando Joe's media kit or EPK
Jamaican music man Commando Joe’s media kit or EPK

Commando Joe and Trinity’s collaboration birthedMy Life’ giving a snap shotinto his living experience.

The dancehall artiste has set his sights on Mexico working with mega dancehall DJ, Zeros (Iniciativa Dance Hall Collective) and Tony Browne (Reggae Ska All Star Sinfonia).

Still on the Mexico activation, Commando Joe and team are planning a massive media campaign involving show dates, a mixtape as well as collaborations with Mexican artistes.

Called ‘Bob Marley of Dancehall’ in certain circles, Commando Joe together with ‘Tori Productions’; his record label is out to stake a claim in the music industry.

Commando Joe is promoted in Ghana/Africa by Destiny Zan.

Reach Commando Joe via the following channels.


+1 (840) 699-8740

+1 (909) 288-8013

Facebook: Joe Jackson

Instagram: commandojoemusic

Spotify: Commando Joe

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