Ray McNeil Crime Scene Photos And Videos


Crime scene for Ray Mcneil After viewing and hearing the hype surrounding Netflix’s new series “killer Sally,” photos are all the rage right now.

After this crime scene series was published, Sally, a bodybuilder wife, murdered Ray Mcneil a few days later.

In contrast to what is seen on camera in the series, people are interested in learning more about it. The world was horrified by Sally’s heinous deed, as were those there.

At Camp Pendleton in 1987, Marine Corps sergeants Ray McNeil, age 23, and Sally Lowden, age 27, were stationed.

Despite suspicions that Ray had committed adultery, the two were romantically involved and got married in the same year.

Sally departed the Marines in 1990 after being demoted to concentrate on bodybuilding and “private wrestling sessions.” Ray left the Marines because he could make decent money bodybuilding full-time.

Despite the atmosphere, the couple had success in local and national bodybuilding competitions.

While Sally continued to act violently in public, Ray continued to compete. In 1990, she was suspended from the National Physique Committee after fighting a woman who was having an affair with Ray. In 1993, she kicked a bouncer in the face in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Ray McNeil Crime Scene Photos And Videos

Authorities have concealed the footage of the crime scene; no videos and photos are available. The pair also fought over money. Valentine’s Day 1995 saw Ray returning from the gym when Sally opened fire, striking him in the head and abdomen.

As heard in the trailer, Sally dialed 911 and stated, “I just shot my husband because he tortured me.” Ray passed away after being brought to Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla. For murder, Sally was put under arrest.


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