The Art and Ambition of De Parrot Speaks: A Profile

De Parrot Speaks


Freda Abyhna Asantewaa Twumasi, widely recognized as De Parrot Speaks, is a highly acclaimed Spoken Word Artist, Poet, Writer, Educationist, Publicist, and philanthropist hailing from Ghana. Her exceptional ability to eloquently articulate words has earned her the nickname “De Parrot Speaks.” Her poetic expressions revolve around a diverse range of themes, including Life, Religion, Culture, Nature, Black Liberation, Social Oppression, Discrimination, Poverty, Sexism, and Psychology.

Early Life and Education:

De Parrot Speaks was born and raised in Konono Afrancho Adansi Akrokerri, located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. She grew up in a loving family with her mother, Mrs. Janet Afoakwa, her father, the late Nana Obeng ko-Asare, and four siblings, with her being the youngest. She received her primary and junior high school education at Rescue Educational Complex and continued her academic journey at Asare Bediako Senior High and the University of Cape Coast, where she pursued a degree in Education.

During her school years, De Parrot Speaks demonstrated a strong passion for reading, writing, and the arts. She actively participated in her school’s Drama, Cultural Dance, and Debating club, securing several competition victories.

Artistic Style and Works:

De Parrot Speaks is renowned for her unique form of poetic expression, which takes the shape of audio narratives that vividly capture the essence of contemporary life. Her art is a seamless blend of verbal lyricism and narration, combined with powerful vocal delivery. Her work explores a wide array of topics, including Psychology, Education, Relationships, Culture, Nature, Life, Black Liberation, and more.

She gained widespread recognition with her debut project, “Gifted EP,” and her single ‘Deep Within.’ De Parrot Speaks also uplifts and inspires others through her daily motivational quotes and her second EP titled “S.C.R.O.L.L” (An Ancient Divine Message).

Her passion for writing extends beyond her spoken word performances, as she has contributed numerous articles to platforms such as and, earning her recognition from the Stars Awards in 2021.


De Parrot Speaks’ remarkable talent and contributions to the art of spoken word have been acknowledged through various awards and nominations, including:

WINNER – Stars Awards ‘Best Literal Poet / Spoken Word Act of the Year’ 2022

WINNER – Premier Awards ‘Best Spoken Word/Poetry Personality of the Year’ 2022

NOMINATED – Central Entertainment and Business Awards 2023 ‘Ama Atta Adioo Writer/Author of the Year’

NOMINATED – Africa Youth Showbiz Awards ’23 Best Spoken Word/Poet Personality of the Year

NOMINATED – Stars Awards ’23 Best Spoken Word/Poet of the Year

De Parrot Speaks is not only a prolific artist but also a source of inspiration and influence in the world of spoken word poetry and beyond, making her an indispensable figure in the cultural and artistic landscape of Ghana.


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