The principles that made unemployed man return GH¢100,000

Cash of GH¢100,000 found by Dela Anim in a taxi
Cash of GH¢100,000 found by Dela Anim in a taxi

What principles would make an unemployed man return the sum of GH¢100,000 plus an extra GH¢5,000 found in a taxi? Well, Dela Anim the protagonist of this story says his Presbyterian parents’ admonition of not taking another man’s property illegally forced him to surrender the booty even though he could have bolted with it.

As it so happened, Anim found a blue-black polythene in the back seat of the taxi he boarded from the Mobile filling station at Nima headed for Abossey Okai.

He soon realised a passenger had left a polythene behind and upon inspection realised bulk money was in it. Also discovered was GH¢5,000.00 in a white envelope plus a Ghana card bearing the name Esther Sackey. The total sum rounded up to some GH¢105,000 equivalent to $9,545.00; a tidy sum which could have solved many of his problems.

Not trusting the taxi driver, Dela Anim opted to take the polythene bag and surrender it to the premises of the Multimedia Group’s Adom FM for an announcement to be made for the owner of the cash to own up and pick it up after the necessary verification processes are undertaken.

“I didn’t trust the taxi driver to return the money if I had told him about it. Also, I didn’t want any stories from him so I just kept it to myself. I checked the money at the reception and realised it was GH¢105,000.00,” he narrated.

Shedding more light on his unemployment status and supposed principle, he submitted: “I owned a transport business but it has collapsed so I’m unemployed and depend on the benevolence of my family to survive. Growing up as a Christian and Presbyterian, my parents taught me not to take what is not mine and that has guided my siblings and I throughout life.”

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