What happens if a football player has to poop midgame?

Football icons Maradona, Pele and Michel Platini
Football icons Maradona, Pele and Michel Platini

As intense as sports games are, a question that pops up is what happens if a player has to poop or go in the thick of a game?

Jim Gordon via Quora reckons when the situation becomes imperative, the player goes to the nearest toilet. He adds “at the professional league level, there should be one very close by under the grandstand. The player leaves, with a word to a teammate and to an official.”

If a referee refuses to let a player use the toilet and he relieves himself on the field, it could cause a nuisance or unpleasantness for others, perhaps making that location on the field or ground unplayable.

In that light, it’s believed a referee would treat leaving to answer an urgent call of nature as he would treat a need to remedy a boot or uniform problem. The player though would have to report his return to the referee or another official with the uniform or equipment inspected.

The referee then beckons the player to reenter as soon as possible, even during play, as long as the reentry causes no unfair disadvantage to the opponents. There’s that little protocol of not eating three hours to game time to help curb the urge to use the washroom.

Away from football or soccer to the American game of baseball, most dugouts have a restroom directly behind the dugout for quick easy access.

Major League Baseball star Curt Flood
Curt Flood via Getty Images

The catch though is to hope you have to go while your team is hitting. There isn’t an easy way to sub in for you if you have to go while you’re on the field.

When it comes to urination, elite male athletes have found convenient ways of relieving themselves without leaving the field.

Either peeing in a cup, in towels, kneeling and going on the sidelines right on the field or worse case scenario peeing on themselves and passing it out as sweat have all been encountered.

For team owners, it’s crucial to direct their minds to their athletes being vulnerable with a need to pee mid-game. So that as they often fund billion-dollar facilities that have retractable roofs and moon-sized video screens, there would also be toilets within reach of the field.

The conundrum is the footballers and athletes need to stay hydrated, so drink litres of water or energy drinks. Having taken these beverages means they need to void them either in liquid or solid form.

Ghana's Abedi Pele limps in a Black Stars jersey
Ghana’s Abedi Pele limps in a Black Stars jersey

Perhaps a bathroom break can be new innovation to add to the games as VAR was. VAR being (Video Assistant Referee; main video official whose main role is to check all reviewable incidents and recommend an OFR where a possible clear and obvious error has occurred. The VAR is a current or former qualified referee.)

Because of cultural and anatomical obstacles, female athletes are forced to plan better and hold longer than their male counterparts.

At grand slam tennis events, men are permitted two potty breaks during five-set matches; women get two for three-set matches. The rules allow competitors to “leave the court for a reasonable time for a toilet break.”

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