Vodafone Ghana announces national roaming partnership with MTN

Vodafone telecom-mast
Vodafone telecom-mast

Vodafone Ghana has announced an expansion of its national roaming service partnership with MTN, to improve connectivity for customers throughout the country. The initiative, which initially began with a pilot program last year, has been expanded to cover the entire nation.

The initiative is a result of an effort by the government to facilitate universal access to telecommunications services and accelerate the country’s digital transformation. By implementing a full national roaming regime among all operators, the government hopes to expand coverage and strengthen the telecommunications industry.

National roaming allows a subscriber’s SIM to connect automatically to an alternative telecom network when their primary network is non-existent or weak. The service not only extends the coverage of network operators’ retail voice and SMS services but also enables mobile users to continue using their phone numbers and data services within another jurisdiction.

Vodafone Ghana CEO Patricia Obo-Nai expressed enthusiasm for the initiative: “National roaming offers customers a greater choice of network providers. In 2022, we successfully collaborated with the government, the regulator, and MTN Ghana to pilot the national roaming service in the Volta Region,” she said. “We are excited that this partnership has extended to other regions.”

Patricia added that the initiative would enable Vodafone Ghana customers to stay connected to its offerings no matter their location in Ghana. “We offer a wide variety of products and services to consumers and businesses. With this initiative, we are glad that all communities in Ghana can benefit from our offers,” she said.

By fostering a more connected and digitally integrated nation, Vodafone Ghana is collaborating with the government to improve communication, access to information, and business opportunities for all Ghanaians.


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