Vodafone Red Connect – Building a More Engaged and Customer-Focused Workforce

Vodafone Ghana created Red Connect to help employees bond
Vodafone Ghana created Red Connect to help employees bond

It is essential to keep employee engagement up example via Vodafone Red Connect as the business landscape shifts. Organisations that invest in internal engagement platforms are better positioned to build a more productive and engaged workforce, adapt to changing market conditions, and stay ahead of the competition.

Vodafone Ghana understands this well and has, for the past few years, been engaging employees on a platform called Red Connect. Vodafone Ghana created Red Connect to help employees bond, network, and rally around common organisational causes.

The platform is not only for networking, however. The latest edition of Red Connect turned the focus on products, services, and customers. On the evening of 21 March, employees of Vodafone Ghana on this edition of Red Connect gathered for an internal quiz dubbed “You think you know?”. The quiz was designed to test employees’ knowledge of Vodafone Ghana’s products and services.

Vodafone Red Connect
Vodafone Red Connect

“I cannot overemphasise the need for organisations to build a strong customer focus within employees,” says Ashiokai Akrong, Vodafone Ghana’s Human Resources Director. “We believe that the more our employees know about our products and services, the better they can serve our customers.”

Representatives from various units within the company engaged in the keenly contested event to win prizes. Employees turned out in their numbers dressed in traditional outfits, echoing the Ghana month agenda.

Popular Ghanaian celebrity, David Dontoh, moderated the quiz competition expertly, adding a touch of excitement to the event. He engaged the audience with his witty remarks and humour, and his professionalism made the competition run smoothly.

Vodafone Red Connect
Vodafone Red Connect

Vodafone Ghana’s strong focus on employees and customers has won many prestigious awards. Earlier this year, the prestigious Top Employers Institute announced Vodafone Ghana as a Top Employer for Ghana and Africa. The Institute recognised Vodafone Ghana as a Top Employer in Ghana five years ago and in the four subsequent years thereafter as Top Employer in Ghana and Africa.

By leveraging Red Connect to foster employee engagement and build a customer-focused culture, Vodafone Ghana is setting itself up for long-term success in a competitive marketplace.


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