Things to do at the Legon Botanical Gardens

The Legon Botanical Gardens
The Legon Botanical Gardens' High Rope Course

The Legon Botanical Gardens located at the Agbobga junction, opposite the KFC on the Atomic Road, continues to earn praise for the value it offers. A place to reinvigorate and restore sanity, the Gardens offers serenity, adventure and exploration of both fauna and flora.

The Mulch Company Limited teamed up with a Dutch company to bring to life to the Legon Botanical Gardens for adults as well as young ones.

Located in Ghana’s premier university, the Gardens provides several recreational activities for the public while constantly adding new ones.


To create an environment where people conference with nature to inspire change in themselves and in our world.


Legon Botanical Gardens to be a tropical botanical garden of international repute in the eco-tourism industry.


Time spent with nature has the power to change you, to view things from a new perspective, and inspire change in our world.

The Legon Botanical Gardens offers serenity.
The Legon Botanical Gardens offers serenity.

Activities to do at the Legon Botanical Gardens

High Rope Course

An intriguing series of platforms connected by cable, wood, and rope creating different challenges at each platform is on offer for you to challenge yourself to. It includes 4 routes of 64 games on two levels with each route having a ziplane. Activities include walking on suspended planks, climbing along rope mesh, swinging from one suspenders log to another and many more.

NB: Operators require all participants to be properly geared with sneakers /full closed shoes, trousers/shorts and hand gloves before being allowed up the ropes.

Children’s Playground

Do not miss the joy of watching your children challenge themselves as they go on the Junior ropes, Trampoline, Climbing jungle Circuit with Plastic Slides, Carousel, Seesaw, 7.8m high 4-Sided Pyramid Net Climber, Chinning Bars, 2 and 4 Seat Rotary wings, Bird Nest Swing, and many more.

Canoeing at the Legon Botanical Gardens
Canoeing at the Legon Botanical Gardens


Ride on a canoe for fun and experience the thrill of water. Cruise around beautiful Islands and Peninsulas which are the sanctuary for birds and some lizard species.

Available from Fridays-Sundays and public holidays. Starts from 10:00am till 5:00pm. Groups with numbers of 20 and above must book in advance.

Canopy Walkway

An opportunity to walk on the widest canopy walkway in Ghana with so much space for you to turn and have great view from all directions. The walkway is 13m high and 138m long. It consists of 5 bridges of varying lengths and experiences.

Events in the Woodlands

Come host your memorable events; picnics, weddings, birthday parties, etc in this serene environment.

Bird Watching

The Legon Botanical Gardens has one of the highest concentrations of nesting Yellow-billed kites in the city of Accra. it offers an ideal breeding habitat for other fascinating species of birds. Watch migratory birds fly around the park.


Fishing in the Vaughan Dam is a great way to get out, clear your head and unwind. Follow instructions, and soon you’ll be picking fish out of the water like a pro!


Cycling in the Legon Botanical Garden is a unique experience. The serene atmosphere gives you the opportunity to exercise with your friends and family, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Contact Details

Agbogba Junction, Atomic Haatso Main Road

Digital Address: GA-575-2433

+233 (0)262 366 167 / (0)552 880 908

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