6 things a female athlete can do while menstruating to enjoy her game

menstrual pad
menstrual pad

Menstruating female athletes are permitted to take part in running or soccer competitions. To control their menstrual cycle and make sure they are comfortable during the game or race, they may need to take a few extra measures.

Here are some things that a female athlete can do:

1. Utilize menstrual products: Tampons, menstrual cups, and pads can all be used to control menstrual bleeding when engaging in physical activity. Female athletes should select items that are comfy, won’t shift or leak while they’re moving, and have a long shelf life.

2. Dress comfortably: Female athletes should dress comfortably so that they may move freely and are not itchy or uncomfortable. Particularly during periods, wearing tight clothing may chafe or irritate.

3. Be hydrated: It’s crucial to remain hydrated while working out, particularly if you’re menstruation. Water should be consumed in large quantities before, during, and after a race or game by female athletes.

menstrual cup
menstrual cup

4. Use painkillers: Athletes who are concerned about menstrual cramps might take over-the-counter painkillers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. It’s crucial to adhere to the suggested dosage and not go over it.

5. Schedule your breaks: Female athletes should schedule toilet breaks throughout games or races so they may, if necessary, switch menstrual products. Also, ladies can bring extra menstrual supplies in case they need to swap them out.

6. Talk with teammates and coaches: Female athletes can discuss their menstrual cycle and any worries they may have with their teammates and coaches. In the course of the contest or race, this can make them feel more secure and supported.

Overall, female athletes can still compete in soccer or running events while they are menstruating as long as they take extra care and manage their cycle.


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