With high tech cameras behind a goalpost, can a goalkeeper fart and not be recorded

Goalpost cameras
Goalpost cameras

It is quite unlikely that sophisticated cameras hidden behind a goal post will capture a goalkeeper ‘s fart. This is due to the fact that such cameras are often made to record video of the ball when it enters or passes close to the goal; they are insufficiently sensitive to pick up sounds or movements occurring outside of the playing area.

Also, a fart normally doesn’t make a loud noise, so the stadium crowd or the sounds of the players on the field may easily drown it out. Furthermore, a fart’s air movement is unlikely to be captured on video because it would likely disappear rapidly and might not even have any noticeable impact.

In conclusion, it is extremely unlikely that a goalkeeper ‘s fart will be caught on camera by sophisticated cameras hidden behind a goal post because such cameras are not made to pick up such sounds or motions.

Goalpost cameras
Goalpost cameras via Camera Corps

The goal-line technology system used at the FIFA World Cup 2022™ in Qatar is based on 14 high-speed cameras. Video Assistant Referee (VAR) also featured big.

At the World Cup in Brazil, GoalControl’s 14 high-speed cameras were mounted around the stadium with seven pointed at each goal – to track the flight of the ball and detect whether it has cross the goal line or not.

There’s also the Hawk-Eye that employs high-speed video cameras with at least seven cameras per goal mouth.

Then there’s Goalminder that uses high-speed cameras built into the goal posts and crossbar to deliver visual evidence to the referee and officials.


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