Can gender confirmation surgery clear one’s credit history?

Excessive hair on a woman’s body and face is the result of hirsutism
Excessive hair on a woman’s body and face is the result of hirsutism

Tantalizing as gender confirmation surgery seems to be in clearing one’s credit history; the evidence does not support such claims.

Sex reassignment surgery, commonly known as gender confirmation surgery, has no effect on a person’s credit score. Financial transactions and credit-related acts, such as borrowing and repaying money, creating credit accounts, and making on-time bill payments, all affect one’s credit history.

When in need of clarity, you can contact the credit reporting agencies to dispute any errors or inaccuracies on your credit report or contact a credit repair firm for assistance. Surgery for gender confirmation, however, is unrelated to this procedure.

For one, unless the government does it for you, you cannot now entirely erase your identity. It’s not too challenging to legally change your name. Your Social Security number (SSN) can also be legally changed, but only in particular situations. Yet, the system will still have data that connect the “new” you to the “old” you even if you actually alter your name and SSN.

Then again, who would want to hide their identity? likely a large number of people. Maybe you have a lot of debt and believe that changing your name will help you get away from your creditors. Regrettably, this isn’t the case; eventually, you’ll be exposed. That can be your only choice if you truly are a victim of abuse or identity theft. These are the two valid arguments that the government supports.

Paper tripping used to be a legitimate but unlawful method of changing your identity. A paper trip scam involves finding a gravestone for a child who was born about the same period and adopting that child’s identity. After submitting a fake birth certificate, you may even obtain an ID card. This dubious method of record keeping has been replaced by modern computer technology.

If you want to start over, legally changing your name, moving far away, choosing a different career, and starting a new life are your best options. You can even adopt a new persona, altering everything from your accent to your movement and clothing.


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