Critical things you need to know about Ginjah – The Reggae Soul Man

Ginjah – The Reggae Soul Man
Ginjah – The Reggae Soul Man

Ginjah – The Reggae Soul Man’s music journey has seen big wins and some lows but for one born in Hanover, the height he now occupies is nothing short of spectacular.

Ginjah, born Valentine Nakrumah Fraser on Sept. 7, 1978, chose music as an escape route from crime and violence at his Central Village, St Catherine base where he grew up.

Having focused on his talent and musical ambitions by 1994, Ginjah would taste his first studio session at the illustrious King Jammy’s.

Ginjah – The Reggae Soul Man
Ginjah – The Reggae Soul Man

The 17-year-old attracted the attention of reggae legend Beres Hammond who invited him to his House Label in 1999. This is where Ginjah – The Reggae Soul Man did many of his early recordings surrounded great musical talents.

Two years later, Ginjah got the opportunity to open for Beres on his Caribbean Tour. That year, he opened several shows stretching across the major Caribbean cities. After that Ginjah continued touring with Beres, but this time globally.

Over the next four years Ginjah performed at many of the biggest reggae events honing his skills as a singer and showman.

Ginjah having created his own Ginjah Music continued to address the challenges of the grass roots people via conscious roots music.

Ginjah’s major hits include “Never Lost My Way”, “Music Alone” and “One Chance.” In 2018 his “Roots” album received Grammy consideration.

As a spiritual artiste, Ginjah – The Reggae Soul Man uplifted the nation during the pandemic with hit songs like “Survival,” “Trying Times” “Pressures Of Life” and “Soul Man.”

For a man whose talent was often doubted amid claims of stagnation, his victories have been sweet.

One of such sweet moments was when Mayor of Buffalo in the United States, Bryon Brown proclaimed June 12 as Ginjah – The Reggae Soul Man day in the city. This was to acknowledge the singer’s musical contributions in a career spanning more than two decades.

According to radio man, Ras Jomo, Ginjah’s music has a heavy following in the city thanks to its inspirational values, healing the community.

Ginjah – The Reggae Soul Man
Ginjah – The Reggae Soul Man

The California-based singer has pledged to continue making positive music that will inspire and uplift folks, especially those in black communities.

Ginjah’s “Reggae Soulman” album which has been well received also got a Grammy consideration in 2022.

Other favorites include “Don’t Let Go,” “These Arms” and “One Chance” with I-Octane as a featured act.

Ginjah – The Reggae Soul Man
Ginjah – The Reggae Soul Man

Ginjah – The Reggae Soul Man’s 6th album is in the works for fans to feast on.

A European “Fall in Love” tour is scheduled for March, 2023.


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